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Hey Guys, So, I told those who follow me on Twitter (@philgalfond) that I was working on a long post and wondering whether I should chop it up into two pieces or not. Most said just post it whole, and I was planning on doing that.

The following is a collection of bits and pieces of my story, from ages 18-22. By no means does this cover everything that happened in my life during that time, but I think it gives a good overall feel for it, and hopefully let’s you guys get to know me a little bit better.

The Beginning I started playing online poker for fun when I was a freshman in at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Clearly, I didn’t know much about bankroll management at the time. I had a few thousand dollars in my bank account, mostly leftover from my Bar-Mitzvah and two summers as a camp counselor.

I’m not sure what they saw in me to pick me over all those people, but I guess they thought I had a lot of potential. Audition class was a grueling (not joking) 10 weeks of learning improv.

I had two regular classes a week (free for me) with other amateurs, and the one private audition class with just the four of us who made it.

The fact that I lived with Caroline kind of broke the barrier a bit for me, but still, I almost never hung out with the pros while I was auditioning. One of the auditioners, Anne, became my best friend.

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